February 27, 2019

Screenshot of Wheelmap.org. An arrow points to the mapbox logo in the bottom left.

How Mapbox makes Wheelmap.org what it is.

Wheelmap.org is the map for wheelchair-accessible places. Anyone can easily find places, enter them and rate them using a traffic light system – worldwide and free of charge. This is only possible thanks to the incredible support of Mapbox.

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A person is sitting on a bench in a green environment.

Map My Hood

Just going for a walk is getting boring? Do you know every corner of your neighborhood by heart by now? Take a closer look at places in your neighborhood with the help of Wheelmap!

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Promote the widget

You can help make Wheelmap.org famous! Raise awareness for accessibility by using the widget on your own website or convincing city administrations, organizations, businesses and others

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A person sitting in a wheelchair explains something to bystanders. Text: Wheelmap Ambassador Program 2021

Wheelmap Ambassador Program 2021

Become part of an international community and advocate for wheelchair accessibility. In this program, you will learn everything about Wheelmap and accessibility. Upon finishing this

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Get involved with Wheelmap.org!

  JOIN THE CAMPAIGN #MapMyNeighbourhood Wheelmap.org participates in the Neighbour’s Day on 29 May 2020 and celebrates the team spirit of neighbourhoods. You can support

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