Solutions with Wheelmap Pro

Photo of the social heros and other people from Toronto. The social hero Holger explains something on a laptop to those present.

Wheelmap Pro is based on the proven Wheelmap technology and is suitable for cities and municipalities, companies, as well as associations and organizations. 

Since 2010, Wheelmap has focused on collecting essential information that is important for people with limited mobility. With Wheelmap Pro, it is now possible to collect further information on accessibility. We use more than 180 different evaluation criteria from which you can compile your individual online map for accessible places according to your needs.

Background – Why mapping as a crowdsourcing approach?    

Which publicly accessible places are barrier-free and which are not? Corresponding information is hard to find and still the common mapping services do not offer a solution. That was the reason why the social heroines developed in 2010. In the meantime, more than 1,200,000 places have been evaluated worldwide with the help of the crowdsourcing strategy.

Photo of a wheelchair ramp infront of a house entrance.

We have received numerous awards for this in recent years. At the same time, other non-profit organizations around the world had a similar idea. This led us to develop an exchange format – Accessibility Cloud – which now serves as a backend to bring together already over 130 other data sources. The datasets provide over 1.5 million information on places and their accessibility. 

Photo of a blind woman with assistance dog and a woman in a wheelchair in a city center

Differences between classic Wheelmap and Wheelmap PRO is the world’s largest online map of wheelchair accessible places. Based on the crowd-sourcing approach, over 1.5 million location information have been recorded on it so far. Similar to Wikipedia, anyone can add or change location information. In addition, external data can be integrated. Over 140 data partnerships have already added another 1.5 million pieces of location information. Wheelmap is available in 33 languages and enables barrier-free operation.


  • Over 1,500,000 location information worldwide + additional information from data partners.
  • Based on crowd-sourcing
  • Available in 33 languages
  • Easy to understand traffic light system
  • Focus on wheelchair accessibility
  • High accessibility standard according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • Mapping actions can be organized by the user
  • Easy e-mail support and instructions are available

Wheelmap Pro

All the functionality of Wheelmap plus all the location information (which is under free license).

Additional features include:

  • Custom branding of the map (name, logo, menu navigation, etc.).
  • In addition to wheelchair accessibility criteria, over 180 other accessibility criteria are selectable
  • Detail depth of the location information is freely customizable
  • Full data sovereignty: determine yourself how location information is collected. Whether via crowd-sourcing or by trained personnel
  • Free import of already collected location information
  • Mapping Event Planner included: easy planning, execution and evaluation of mapping actions
  • Includes Project management, consulting and PR support. We publish news about Wheelmap PRO projects on our social media channels.

The advantages of Wheelmap Pro

Low development costs

No need to develop your own expensive app and still get an individualized online map for accessible places.

Individual criteria & branding

Customized accessibility criteria and level of detail of information, as well as custom branding and menu.


Full data sovereignty

Self-determine how location information is collected: Whether via crowd-sourcing or by trained personnel.

Mapping Event Planner

Receive access to the Mapping Event Planner, a tool that allows you to plan, execute and evaluate mapping actions.

Wheelmap Pro for cities, municipalities and organizations 

  • Get your own app with your own name and branding.
  • Advanced OpenData approach and citizen participation.
  • You can choose from over 180 accessibility criteria to set your own focus for mapping.
  • Already collected location information can also be integrated 
  • The application is available in 33 languages.
  • It meets a high accessibility standard (2 out of 3 stars according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 of W3C).
  • The data source collected by you is displayed with the reference to your organization in the Wheelmap, thus additionally pointing to your application.
  • Onboarding training and ongoing support.
  • Mapping Event Planner included: easy planning, execution and evaluation of mapping actions

Interested in an individual online map for accessible places?     

Contact us if you are interested in the offered solution and want to be among the first to use Wheelmap Pro. We will provide you with more information as needed and keep you updated. Please contact [email protected]