Mapping Events: CSR activity for team building and inclusion in companies

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Especially in these turbulent Corona times, “Corporate Social Responsibility” plays a particularly central role in the well-being of our society. With mapping events, companies can actively take on social responsibility and at the same time achieve measurable and visible effects. offers an easy way to promote employee engagement as part of a CSR effort: During a mapping event, small teams of people work together to check locations according to their wheelchair accessibility and enter them on In this way, team cohesion is strengthened and at the same time awareness of the progress of accessibility and inclusion is created. All that is needed is a smartphone and a tape measure.

Mapping Events, a proven format

This format is attractive for companies because it is easy to implement and has proven itself over the years in cooperation with partners such as ImmobilienScout24, ERGO,, MEININGER Hotels and others. The employees are very consciously dedicated to the topic – and this can also initiate internal change processes towards more inclusiveness and diversity.

With the Mapping-Event Planner, we have now developed a tool that enables the simple and efficient planning, execution and evaluation of mapping events. We also support the organization of the engagement day with information about Wheelmap and provide tips for planning the event, taking into account the local conditions.

We had a total of 30 volunteers go out from our office to Downtown Bellevue and Factoria area to map locations. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the experience, they learnt a lot and it really drove home to them the challenges that some people, both travellers & locals alike, face when deciding on a place to go for sightseeing or even dinner out as a family.

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Mesurable and visible impact 

With the help of the Mapping-Event Planner, a small statistic can be created from the achieved results afterwards. The impact of the event can be measured directly. An example: In 2019, 25 employees in the city of Amsterdam added nearly 600 new ratings to They thus increased the proportion of locations in Amsterdam that were evaluated from 56 to 68 percent – in just one afternoon!

The advantages of mapping events at a glance 

  • Measurable and visible impact on within a short time
  • Extension of location information for mobility-impaired people
  • Increase team building and awareness of the topic among employees
  • Initiate change processes in the company towards more accessibility and inclusion
  • Promote inclusion and support the 10th goal for sustainable development (SDGs)
Screenshot of a map showing Germany and the neighboring countries. Especially in Germany many blue dots are visible
Example of a so-called "heatmap" which shows the mapped places during an event

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