About Wheelmap

An example map section of Wheelmap. You can see streets, parks, bodies of water and places rated red, yellow or green.

Wheelmap is the map for wheelchair accessible places.

Anyone can easily find places, enter them to the map and rate them using a traffic light system – worldwide and free of charge.

Information on over 3.2 million public places is currently available. More than 300 new entries are added every day.

Since 2010, the map has been helping wheelchair users and people with other mobility impairments to plan their day more effectively. It is now available in 33 languages.

The traffic light symbols of the Wheelmap. Green circle, Yellow hexagon, Red square

We believe in Open Data, among others we cooperate with OpenStreetMap.

All collected information is also available as a free dataset on our accesibility.cloud platform.

Two wheelchair users and a pedestrian are walking down the street.

Wheelmap is a project of Sozialheld*innen.