How Mapbox makes what it is.

Screenshot of An arrow points to the mapbox logo in the bottom left. is the map for wheelchair-accessible places. Anyone can easily find places, enter them and rate them using a traffic light system – worldwide and free of charge. Our users can already access information about more than 2.3 million places. This is only possible thanks to the incredible support of Mapbox.

How does it all work? 

Wheelmap is run by us, the Berlin-based non-profit organization Sozialhelden e.V. (“social-heros”). We collect place information in our database When you create a new place on, we store it in this database. It harmonizes data from different sources and information from OpenStreetMap so that we can include that content on Wheelmap, too. It means that we need to process a lot of information – about many places. But to make this valuable data useful for people, one thing is necessary above all: a map. 

This is where Mapbox comes into play. 

To make use of our data, we need to display it in a helpful way. Mapbox has always provided us with excellent map technology to achieve this. It plays an essential part in making Wheelmap the success it is.

Through the base map provided by Mapbox, users perceive Wheelmap as the map they know and appreciate. 

Photo: People in a conference room. A Laptop on the Tabel shows

Very valuable support 

We are happy with this ongoing collaboration. And we’re proud that Mapbox has provided Wheelmap’s base map since our early days. From the very beginning, Mapbox was convinced of our vision and work and the Community team has supported us to access their map technology. For this, we would like to say a big thank-you! 🙌

What is Mapbox? 

Mapbox is a mapping and location cloud platform for developers. Mapbox provides dynamic, powerful, and highly customizable maps – with a delightful user experience. If you develop or design an app that includes a map, give it a try. And if you are working for social impact, get in touch with the Community team for support.

At the bottom left of the map you can see the small Mapbox logo.


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