“Add new place” is online with simplified questionnaire

You can see a map view of Australia's Christmas Island on Wheelmap.org, a green pin with letter symbol sits at the top. Next to it is a smartphone screen with the location details. The location is called "Santa Claus Base." Below that, wheelchair accessibility details are listed.

Adding a new place on Wheelmap.org is now easier and faster. A few simple questions guide you through the process in a user-friendly way.

We are pleased to be able to present a small gift to the mappers of our community shortly before Christmas: Mapping new places will be much easier and faster in the future.

With our new questionnaire you can use an address search, which in many cases automatically fills in the basic data for a location. The exact location of the building can be easily set on the map section. This is followed by a category selection, a photo upload and a few simple yes-no questions and small checklists to guide you safely through the review of the location. Click on “Submit” to go directly to the entry on the map. 

We are very happy that we are finally rid of the temporary solution for which we used an external data entry service. It often caused problems in operation and was not completely barrier-free. The current questionnaire docks directly into our own database – so we can optimise it at any time. And it is screen reader compatible. 

Our development team has built the background technology on which the new questionnaire is based entirely in-house. This way, in addition to the new questionnaire, a very good tool for creating different questionnaires, e.g. for the Wheelmap.Pro apps, has been created, from which we and others will benefit for a long time to come. 

Try out "Add a new place" and give feedback

The most important contents – questions about steps and ramps, photos of the entrance and the WC and a comment on access – are of course still part of the questionnaire. A great added value is that the details of the WCs are now collected in a simpler and more transparent way. 

It is planned to publish a longer version of the questionnaire. This will make it possible to contribute more detailed information about a location. 

How do you like the “add a new place” function with the new questionnaire? Try it out! We are very happy to receive feedback. Please be as specific as possible, and you will help us the most. Thank you!   

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