If you have questions regarding the Ambassador program or the other ways to get involved with Wheelmap, please drop us a line here. We would also love to hear about your involvement with Wheelmap after you have carried out an activity.

For questions about the Wheelmap or to report a problem, please use the form further down below.

Contact the team of Wheelmap.org

Reporting a problem

Is something not working with the Wheelmap? Do you have general questions, for instance about the criteria for rating a place or the functions of Wheelmap? Do you need help using Wheelmap.org or assistance in operating the apps?

First take a look at the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about Wheelmap. There you will find many tips about marking, registering, editing places, uploading photos and much more. If you want to report a problem, please use the form further below.

You found an error in how Wheelmap or the apps works and want to report this? Please use the following form for that and be sure to give us as clear and detailed information as possible. Thanks a lot!

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