JOIN THE CAMPAIGN #MapMyNeighbourhood participates in the Neighbour’s Day on 29 May 2020 and celebrates the team spirit of neighbourhoods. You can support and promote inclusion in your neighbourhood: Invite your neighbours to a mapping party and take a closer look at the places in your neighbourhood with the help of the Wheelmap: Which cafés, restaurants and shops can you get into using a wheelchair, walker or stroller? Or take part in the online event #MapMyNeighbourhood and enter the places in your street right away!


Everyone can join in!

The campaign addresses people in all parts of the world who want to evaluate places in their neighbourhood. In addition, shop operators, associations, companies can contribute to the campaign and enter their own information or organise mapping events.

Order your campaign material for #MapMyNeighbourhood

Become a Wheelmap Ambassador!

Do you want to get involved in your region for more accessibility in the long run? Then become a Wheelmap Ambassador! Here are some suggestions for what you can do as an ambassador. Of course, we are also happy if you have other ideas on how to get involved. Just get in touch with us!

Organize a mapping event

Organize a Wheelmap mapping event and rate public places along with others in your region.

Create publicity

Win the attention of the local press and make the media publish about accessibility and your activities as an ambassador.

Promote the widget

Convince municipalities, organisations and others to integrate the Wheelmap directly into their websites.

Promote mobile ramps

Advertise for mobile ramps in your city – because with a ramp 1-2 steps can be overcome quite simply.

Become a Wheelmap Ambassador

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