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Using the app or any web browser you can find wheelchair accessible places worldwide. At the same time, Wheelmap is a campaign for more accessibility – and you can join in!

Wheelmap on the go

With the free app for Android and iOS smartphones, you are always well equipped to find and rate wheelchair-accessible places on the go.  

Photo of three smartphones on which different subpages of Wheelmap are open. The map, the traffic light system and a rated place.

What is Wheelmap.org?

Wheelmap is an online map of wheelchair-accessible places. At www.wheelmap.org and using the apps, everyone can easily find places, add them and rate them using a simple traffic light system – worldwide. Currently, over 2,3 million cafés, libraries, swimming pools and many other publicly accessible places are recorded. Wheelmap is available in 32 languages.

The traffic light symbols of the Wheelmap. Green circle, Yellow hexagon, Red square

Wheelmap - how it works

Wheelmap is based on the OpenStreetMap. A simple traffic light system indicates the wheelchair accessibility of a location. With a few clicks the rating can be saved by the users: Green indicates step-free access. Places marked in orange are partially accessible and places shown in red are not accessible. WCs can also be rated and photos uploaded.

Users about Wheelmap

You want to join the movement? Then leave your contact email here and we will get back to you!

Engagement with Wheelmap.org

There are many ways to get involved with Wheelmap.org to advocate for accessibility and its possible anytime! Just routinely check the places you visit in your daily life and rate them in the app. Mapping campaigns are also held twice a year. If you want to do more, you can organize a mapathon with a group, start a mobile ramp campaign, do a school project, or become a Wheelmap ambassador.

Three people participating in a mapping event. They are looking at a smartphone together. Atmosphare is very summery and urban.


Was geht Was geht? Ich sags dir ganz konkret


Here we publish the latest developments on the Wheelmap  and report on our campaigns. Also we keep an eye on what else is happening in the community.

Why Wheelmap?

Accessibility info

Over 15% of the world's population has a disability. Information on accessibility is very important for this group of people and at the same time difficult to find. With Wheelmap.org we want to close the information gap on accessibility.

Responsibility for diversity

Taking a stand for diversity in society and actively promoting it is more important than ever. Wheelmap.org wants to set an example that people with different backgrounds and abilities naturally belong to it.

Equal participation

The Disability Rights Convention states that all people have a right to equal participation. At Wheelmap.org, people with and without mobility impairments can participate and awareness for accessibility in society is raised.


If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us here.

We are also happy if you report about your engagement with Wheelmap after your action.

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