Welcome to the campaign #TravelAble, a Wheelmap.org campaign on accessible travel! We are happy that you are part of it and want to support us in the coming weeks. In the following you will find information for the organization of your own event and for the mapping activities.

Organize a mapping tour – your event for #TravelAble

Being in a mapping tour as part of a group event is more fun and you can quickly gather a lot of information together for #TravelAble.

Checklist for your #TravelAble Event

Set up your online event for #TravelAble

We are happy if you publish your event for #TravelAble event online on Wheelmap.org. Your participants will be able to “check in” here and you will always have an overview of how many places you have already rated. We’ll be happy to send you more statistics about your mapping success afterwards. 

Send us the details for your #TravelAble-Event on Wheelmap.org

Mapping – Rating public places for #TravelAble

Collecting information on public places is the core activity of this campaign and at the heart of Wheelmap.org’s crowdsourcing principle. We want as many places rated as possible, worldwide! So you can really get going and check out your neighborhood, your favorite streets, the best places for sightseeing in your city. 

Get weekly mapping tasks

If you have registered as a Mapper via the form, you will receive a small mapping task from us every campaign week. This is just a suggestion – you can do more at any time.

Im #TravelAble Event einchecken

Before you start mapping, make sure you have “checked in” as a participant to the online event of #TravelAble on Wheelmap.org – if you don’t belong to a specific group, participate in “#Travelable – worldwide“.

Dein Material & dein Mapping-Tool

Mapping event #TravelAble – worldwide

Handout for mappers

Checking a place correctly