Excitement is brewing for a Sozialhelden field trip: the Wheelmap.org and Leidmedien.de project teams are traveling to Canada in order to prepare a MapMyDay campaign and to learn about the Canadian approach to inclusion in a different cultural context.

An airplane of the airline "Air Canada" flies over a mountain area

The Sozialhelden team has been bitten by the travel bug! The work week of September 18 to 22 promises to be a very special one: Because of a cooperation with the Canadian Abilities Foundation we have the amazing opportunity to get an impression of what is happening with accessibility and inclusion in Canada and to work on some ideas for joint projects.  For that we are off to Toronto for a few days!

We are very excited and grateful for this opportunity to learn new things as a team. The Wheelmap team will work together with the Canadian Abilities Foundation to prepare the groundwork for a Canada-wide MapMyDay campaign. For this we will get together with many people in Toronto to introduce them to Wheelmap and to find solutions for implementing the map in Canada.


That is why we have a variety of official appointments and networking activities on our agenda, including a workshop with students of the OCAD University’s Inclusive Design department. We are especially looking forward to a mapping event on September 21 with the local OpenStreetMap community, AXSmap and anybody who is interested and wants to try out Wheelmap.

At the same time the Leidmedien team will be seizing the opportunity to explore the Canadian perspective on people with disabilities in the media. They will be taking a look at Canadian journalism and, among other things, will visit the “Disability Channel”, meet with activists and explore the topic of art and disabilities at the „Tangled Art Gallery“.

We look forward to the new ideas and food for thought for our own projects that we will surely take home from our many meetings and insights around the topics inclusion, disability and accessibility.

Take a look on the Facebook pages of Wheelmap, Leidmedien and Sozialhelden and see what we are up to in Canada. #YesWeCanada #WheelmapCA

Logo der Sozialhelden in einem Ahornblatt

Photos: Press image Air Canada; graphics: Adina Hermann | Sozialhelden.de