Zero barriers! Mapping during the Zero Conference 2022

Zero Barriers is the goal! In reality, there are loads of them still out there. Let’s find and map them during the time of the ZeroCon2022!

"Zero barriers!" -

Action time with Wheelmap! Talking about barriers is one thing – detecting them in your close neighbourhood is the potential for real change! is the online map for wheelchair accessible places based on crowdsourcing. It is available in 32 languages and works worldwide. Within 11 years the community has collected more than 2 million places. But there are still a lot of places with unknown wheelchair accessibility status. This is what we can change in the three days of the Zero Conference 2022, from Febr 23 till Febr 25. Ready, set, map!

This is how you can join "Zero barriers!"

  1. Grab your mobile phone and scan the QR code. Alternatively, just open a browser window on your phone and type in

  2.  After the re-direct into the app and after the welcome screen, click on the ‘participate’ button. You are then checked in for the mapping event.

  3. Find places nearby that are still grey and rate them, or rate the WC of the place, or upload photos of entrances. You can also add new places and give more information on accessibility also for people with seeing and hearing impairments.

This is an QR-Code leading to the event

Handouts for Download

Download and print out our sheets with all general information for mappers on how to map places.

Why joining the mapping event?

Accessibility info

Over 15% of the world's population has a disability. Information on accessibility is very important for this group of people and at the same time difficult to find. With we want to close the information gap on accessibility.


Mapping in a group with people who think alike is fun! Use this activity to get connected to the participants of the Zero Conference 2022. Celebrate the feeling of being apart together in different parts of the world doing the same thing.


With and the accessibility info you collect during the event, accessibility and barriers of public places become visible. That's the first step to direct political and public attention to the necessity of eliminating them.

Meet our co-founder at ZeroCon22

No time to join now but interested in mapping events for your region?

Leave your contact here and we’ll get back to you.