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Picture of the Wheelramp laying out in an urban environment

Accessibility through mobile ramps

Many public places are inaccessible only because one or two steps at the entrance create a big barrier. Mobile ramps are a good, cheap and simple solution. 

Information for business owners

The easiest and fastest way to make the store, café, restaurant, etc. accessible to people in wheelchairs is to buy the Wheelramp mobile ramp in the online store of SOZIALHELDEN UG (haftungsbeschränkt) from 179 euros.

With the purchase of the Wheelramp, the work of Sozialhelden e.V. is directly supported and the ramp will be shipped immediately, if available.

So far, the fact-sheet and shop are only available in German. 

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"Thousand and one ramp"

Donation financed ramps

In addition, once or twice a year, as part of the “Thousand and One Ramps” fundraising campaign, there is the opportunity to apply for a donation-funded ramp as the operator of a location that is open to the public. The advantage: the operator of the store, café, etc. does not incur any costs.

Due to the limited donation budget, however, there is only a certain contingent of ramps. They are allocated according to the receipt and quality of the applications. Due to this process, it can take several weeks to send out a ramp.

Meanwhile, more than 800 donation-funded ramps from the “Thousand and One Ramps” project are already in use free of charge in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The final application phase has been completed. Feel free to visit this page regularly to be part of further rounds. Or follow us on social media to stay up to date on further ramp fundraisers.