Promote mobile ramps

A wheelramp in close-up in an urban surrounding.

Advertise for mobile ramps in your city – because with a ramp 1-2 steps can be overcome quite simply.

Many public places are not accessible for wheelchairs because due to 1 or 2 steps at the entrance. In this situation mobile ramps can be a good, inexpensive and simple solution. There are various suppliers of different kinds of mobile ramps. One is Wheelramp foldable aluminium ramp for wheelchairs and baby strollers which is available in two lengths (1.2 m and 1.5 m). 

A person in a wheelchair drives down the wheelrampt to bridge a step at the entrance

With it, heights of 25cm and 30cm can be bridged. The ramp is suitable for temporary or permanent installation. It is lightweight, has a handle for transport and a ribbed surface for a better grip. 

Unfortunately, we do not ship abroad. Check out our online shop anyway to see how a mobile ramp solution could look like.

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