Organize a mapping event

Two people in wheelchairs, two people standing behind them. Everyone is looking with interest at the smartphone that one of the people in the wheelchair is holding in his hand.

Organize your own local mapping event! Engage people in your community and work with them to rate places for wheelchair accessibility. Together, you can make sure that public places in your area are on the world’s largest wheelchair accessibility database

We support you with information about Wheelmap and provide assistance in planning and running your mapping event.

You can always organize a mapping event with your friends, colleagues, neighbors or (fellow) students. You can also join Wheelmap’s annual mapping campaigns with your mapping event. We usually organize a larger campaign in spring and fall.

  • Mapping together is twice the fun

  • You can quickly map specific areas where there are still many places to mark.

  • On the way, ratings of places already marked can be checked for their correctness.

  • Besides, you can create more awareness for accessibility among store owners and representatives of the city.

  • For people who are not (yet) mobility-impaired, it is an impressive experience to change perspective and pay attention to barriers.

Photo of a wheelchair ramp infront of a house entrance.
One person with clipboard and pen, one person with tablet in close-up.

Anyone can organize and carry out a mapping event in their own city or region on their own responsibility. As supporting material we offer you a guide for the organization and a handout for the mappers with the Wheelmap mapping criteria. In addition, we will send you an envelope with Wheelmap flyers upon request. This way you can explain to interested passers-by and store owners what is.

Possible everywhere

Whether national, regional or local - Wheelmap is translated into over 30 languages and can be used everywhere.

Easy to understand

Everyone can join in and help to rate other places or upload pictures - no matter if you have a disability or not.

Group strength

Map alone or in small groups - raise awareness for accessibility, because it concerns us all.

In addition, we have developed the Mapping Event Planner, a tool that enables simple and efficient planning, execution and evaluation of mapping actions. Afterwards, a small statistic can be created from the results achieved – the impact of the action is therefore directly measurable. Especially for companies it offers a great opportunity for teambuilding measures and to initiate internal change processes towards more inclusivity and diversity. For more information, click here.

We are also happy to provide support for a professionally executed mapping campaign. This can include the following services: 

  • Telephone consultation
  • Blog post on
  • Assistance with the conception of the event
  • Layered Photoshop files and graphics support
  • Social heroes on site for welcome or presentation
  • Follow-up incl. provision of statistics

Depending on the scope and process, we charge an expense allowance for this.

The income enables our non-profit organization Sozialhelden e.V. to continue the professional work around Wheelmap. An initial telephone consultation is always free of charge.