“MapMyDay” is the campaign name used for mapping events around the world during which new places are marked on Wheelmap. Become part of this campaign with your local mapping event! Together with others you can see to it that the public places in your city or town become part of the world’s largest database for wheelchair accessible places. We can help out with all the necessary information about Wheelmap and support you in planning the details of your mapping event.

Organizing an event

Anybody can organize and carry out their own mapping event in their city or region. We offer informational materials such as a concise manual for organizing the event and a handout for mappers explaining the Wheelmap criteria. If you want, we will also send you Wheelmap flyers (“Mapping package S”). With the help of these flyers you can explain Wheelmap to interested passersby and shop owners.

If you have any questions you can write to us at info[at]wheelmap.org

Why hold a mapping event?
  • Mapping together is twice the fun
  • You can focus on quickly mapping areas that still have a large number of unmarked places  
  • The accuracy of already marked places can be double checked along the way
  • It is an opportunity to raise awareness for accessibility among shop owners and city representatives
  • It is a valuable experience for people who are not (yet) mobility impaired to see things from a new perspective and to become conscious of the barriers in their city

Infos for Organizers

Mappers’ Handout


Nationally, regionally or locally – Wheelmap.org is available in 22 languages and can be used anywhere.


Everybody can join in and help rate additional places or upload photos – whether you have a disability or not.


You can map alone or in small groups – the goal is to raise awareness for accessibility because it concerns us all.

Become part of the “MapMyDay” Wheelmap campaign

We support businesses, city administrations, educational institutions and organizations who want to carry out their own “MapMyDay” event. If you are interested in carrying out a professionally organized campaign we would be happy to help you. The proceeds enable the nonprofit organization “Sozialhelden e.V.” to continue its professional work with Wheelmap.org.

Ideas for your “MapMyDay”

For our worldwide “MapMyDay” campaign with the World Health Organzation (WHO) and the Google.org Foundation on December 3, 2015 we put together a collection of ideas, which you can use as inspiration for your own “MapMyDay” event.

Ideas for Businesses & Companies

Ideas for Schools and Universities

Ideas for City Administrations

Ideas for Organizations

Take a look at the website of “MapMyDay”! There you can browse through the multimedia documentation, take a look at our campaign video and get an overview of the materials which we put together for the “MapMyDay” campaign launch and which can be customized for your own event.

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