The Streetspotr crowd has been out and about again doing their photo magic in another round of the famous “step spots”. This time, the activity aimed at gathering photos of entrances for Wheelmap was extended to 9 countries in Europe. The results are stunning, as always.

A young man is taking a picture from an entrance door, a ramp and a step

The Streetspotr community continues to grow, and with it the power which has brought a lot of good things to since 2013.  Nowadays, members of the Streetspotr network are active in many more countries in Europe.

Of course, this broadening of the network was of great benefit for the latest “step spot” campaign: Streetspotrs were out and about taking pictures for Wheelmap in nine countries: In Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and the UK. The step spots focussed on Wheelmap places in the categories tourism and accomodation and were aimed at meeting the needs of all travelers using a wheelchair.

Figures and results of the “step spot” activities

This time also, the mobile crowd force got engaged in an astonishing number of activities during the campaign. Looking at the numbers you get an idea of their output:

  • 723 Spotr were involved.
  • 11.298 spots were completed.
  • Nearly 14,000 entrance pics were imported into the Wheelmap database.

The most active part of the community can still be found in Germany: 8,593 spots were completed by 543 users there. However, the Italian Streetspotrs were the winners with regard to their individual engagement. On average, every person completed 42 spots! (As a comparison: In Germany, on average 15 spots per person were completed.) Also, the step spots turned out to be quite popular in the UK. Have a look at the country rankings to get an overview:

  1. Germany: 8,593 step spots, 543 spotrs
  2. Italy: 1,568 step spots, 37 spotrs
  3. UK: 600 step spots, 84 spotr
  4. Spain: 253 step spots, 23 spotrs
  5. Netherlands: 92 step spots, 9 spotrs
  6. Denmark: 65 step spots, 9 spotrs
  7. Ireland: 61 step spots, 4 spotrs
  8. France: 61 step spots, 11 spotrs
  9. Belgium: 5 step spots, 3 spotrs

High level of engagement within the Streetspotr community

What we find really motivating is the fact that the Streetspotrs’ enthusiasm does not seem to dwindle and each new campaign of the step spots is met with a high level of engagement. Some users completed the spots in cities other than their hometowns and and travelled up to 100 kilometres for this.

The pictures, which we can use as free imports in the database of Wheelmap, are displayed in the detail pages on For Wheelmap users those pictures of entrances are a great help: through them, people using a wheelchair can get a much better impression beforehand if they will be able to use a ramp without the support of others, if the width of a door is manageable and so on.

That’s why we are very happy that the step spots campaign will still continue some time longer. Streetspotrs all over Europe are busy taking more photos for some of the other categories of Wheelmap places right now!

Foto: Andi Weiland/, 2015

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