Right in time for the start of the event #MapMyDay we improved the Wheelmap apps for iOS and Android. The IT developers of the Wheelmap briefly summarize what’s new. 

On September 27 the apps for Android and iOS were updated with some bug fixes and a new feature for iOS. All Wheelmap users who already had the app installed have been automatically notified. Here’s what’s new in the apps.


  • When you add a new place, the position provided will be at the current position where you actually are – and not always in Berlin. Sorry for that!
  • It is now easier to report a problem with the app: Tap the “i” symbol in the lower left of the main dashboard and scroll down. The cool thing: The technical infos on your app configuration will be automatically attached to your report. Like this, we can identify the problem much quicker and help you better!
  • We fixed some bugs when adding a new place did not work.


  • When editing a place the field “house numbers” can now contain non-numeric characters. Because we learnt they often do!
  • We improved the “locate me” function.
  • We fixed some more minor bugs for a better usability of the app.

We’re looking forward to your feedback!

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We are constanly improving the applications of Wheelmap.org. Please have in mind that we are a non-profit organization always running low on rescources and personnel capacities. That’s why your support is highly appreciated.