Support Coding and IT Development

Three people are sitting around a table. They are working on laptops, there is coffee on the table.

Wheelmap is open source and available on GitHub. You can help by putting your IT and coding skills to work, or by supporting the standards behind Wheelmap as tech evangelist. 

Besides collecting data on wheelchair accessible places, a big part of the work on Wheelmap is done in the background: 

Our team of IT developers is constantly busy monitoring, maintaining, and improving the app. They make the technical infrastructure, servers, the database and the thousands of lines of code running smoothly each day.

Improve the Wheelmap frontend on GitHub.

Report bugs

Do you have general support questions about Wheelmap or want to report a bug?

A good bug report should contain at least this information:

  1. What did you do?
  2. What should happen?
  3. What happened instead?
  4. Which device/browser (incl. version) did you use?

Use A11yJSON and encourage others to use it

Wheelmap is based on A11yJSON, an open GeoJSON-based data standard. With over 150 criteria, the format describes in detail the accessibility of places. You describe the real world with data? Then get inspired for your own data models. Do you specific accessibility needs? Then help us improve the format.

In our opinion, every developer should know A11yJSON. Give the A11yJSON project a ⭐️ on GitHub to make the topic more visible!

W3C LDA CG: helping to shape the future of accessibility data

We are working on a new international Linked Data standard to capture the accessibility of the physical world.

Search engines will be able to use this to incorporate real-world accessibility of products and architecture into their rankings. This rewards companies with visibility for accessibility: the algorithm makes the real world more accessible.

To this end, we co-founded the Linked Data for Accessibility (LDA) Community Group at the W3C to organize the effort and compatibility with other data formats—based on

Interested? Then join the group and discuss the standard.