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Everybody can easily find places, add new places and rate them using a traffic light system – worldwide and free of charge. No registration is necessary. Rate the wheelchair accessibility of your favorite places now!

With the Wheelmap traffic light system we have created an easy way to rate the accessibility status of public places:

Green means fully wheelchair accessible. There are no steps at the entrance and all rooms can be reached without steps. 

Orange means partially wheelchair accessible. There may be one step with a maximum height of 7cm (3 in = appox. one hand width). Most rooms can be reached without steps.

Red means not wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair users are unable to enter this place.

Grey places need yet to be rated. So far the wheelchair accessibility is unknown. You can make a difference by marking them! 

The traffic light symbols of the Wheelmap. Green circle, Yellow hexagon, Red square

Over 1 million cafés, libraries, public baths and many other publicly accessible places have already been rated by our users. Over 300 new entries are added every day. You, too, can help with your ratings! Apart from this website, Wheelmap is also available as a free app for iPhone and Android. This makes it easier to use the map on the go.

Not sure how to rate a place? Do you have other questions? Check out our FAQ to find answers to important questions.

Please note: It may take a moment until your information and/or photos are displayed.

Start mapping now!