Mapping as professional team events

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Bringing team building and engagement together professionally:  Companies and other actors can actively take on social responsibility in a mapping workshop and at the same time achieve measurable and visible impact.

Challenges in the field of inclusion

Many companies and administrations are looking for engagement activities and participation in the field of inclusion. However, there is often uncertainty and fear of contact: How can the topic be approached with a modern and self-determined view of people with disabilities? In addition, the current challenge is that employees and volunteers often work in home offices or teams are scattered across several locations, Germany-wide or internationally.

Why a mapping event is a good solution

For companies and administrations, a mapping event with offers a great opportunity to get involved as a team or as a citizen movement. At the same time, an action can trigger internal change processes towards more inclusivity and diversity.

  • Easy entry and sensitization for the topic
  • Employees are familiar with apps and smartphones
  • Employees can participate from anywhere
  • Feasible in half a day
  • Team building (“being apart together”)
  • Commitment becomes immediately visible
  • No need to provide personal data, DSGVO-compliant

Procedure of the mapping workshop

Introduction (30-60 Min.)

Starting together helps clarify questions and get in the mood for the activity. 

Rate places (2-4 Stunden)

Alone or in small groups, participants evaluate places for wheelchair accessibility. 

Closing (30-60 Min.)

At a final meeting, the joint success can be celebrated and experiences shared.

How we support your event

In a preparatory meeting, we discuss the appropriate framework and format of the action with you, give an introduction and moderate the joint conclusion – online or in presence. During the mapping, we can be available for support via a messenger of your choice. In addition, we provide you with handouts for printing and other print materials (e.g. flyers, stickers) on request.

Popular action in companies

"For our employees, the Wheelmap and mapping engagement are a way to become even more aware of the importance of this issue and to access MEININGER hotels and their surroundings in new ways."
Silvia Gonzaga Silveira
Corporate Social Responsibility Executive & Management Assistant MEININGER Hotels
"We had a total of 30 volunteers go out from our office to map locations. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the experience, they learnt a lot and it really drove home to them the challenges that some people face when deciding on a place to go for sightseeing or even dinner out as a family."
Adi Tuisawau
Corporate Trainer & Volunteer Program Manager,

At a glance

Possible everywhere

Whether national, regional or local - Wheelmap is translated into over 30 languages and can be used everywhere.

Easy to understand

Everyone can join in and help to rate other places or upload pictures - no matter if you have a disability or not.

Group strength

Map alone or in small groups - raise awareness of accessibility, because it concerns us all.

The effect of the commitment becomes directly visible

For a mapping event under our guidance, we provide a mapping area via link and QR code on The participants check in there shortly before the mapping. At the end of the event, all new location data is already visible – a great sense of achievement for all participants!

Interested in a mapping event?


Here you will find all other important info: is the map for wheelchair accessible places.

Anyone can easily find places, enter them and rate them using a traffic light system – worldwide and free of charge.

Currently, information on over 3.2 million publicly accessible places is available. Over 300 new entries are added daily.

Since 2010, the map has been helping wheelchair users and people with other mobility impairments to plan their day.

Mapping Event: Rating places in a targeted manner

At a mapping event, volunteers get together to check places for wheelchair accessibility. The information collected is entered directly on and is thus available to everyone. Mapping together is twice as much fun and areas where not so many places have been rated can quickly be enriched with information. In addition, already set ratings can be checked for accuracy on the road. Besides, you can create more awareness for accessibility among store owners.
For people who are not (yet) mobility-impaired, it is also an impressive experience to change perspective and pay attention to barriers. Many people don’t even notice steps in everyday life.

Wheelmap is free of charge and will always remain so. In order to guarantee this, we charge a fee for organizing and carrying out a mapping event. This varies depending on how much effort a mapping event means for us. Basically, we see ourselves as activists and try to make sure that money is never an obstacle to an activity. However, we have limited resources and in case of doubt we have to choose actions that help us to finance our project. We are happy to put together a suitable offer upon request. If we cant agree on a price, there is always the possibility of a free mapping event without our direct involvement.

In principle, a lead time of 6 weeks is desirable. Especially in the spring and summer months, we are usually well booked and can therefore often not respond to short-term appointment requests. In any case, please send us an email and we will see what is possible.

No. In fact, tracking works better when using the browser version of Wheelmap.

No. We have already had mapping events with 5 participants and in contrast also some with 500. From 500 participants on we just have to be informed about the number in order to increase the server capacities accordingly.

If you decide that you want us to participate online, we will be happy to choose the tool that best suits your needs. The participants will only use from our side, no log-in is required here.