After the huge success of the last MapMyDay in December 2015, we are calling on everyone near and far to mark places in their neighborhood for Wheelmap on World Tourism Day on September 27, 2016. Because all travelers in a wheelchair benefit from information on the wheelchair accessibilty of places at their destination. 

Ready to chill? Recreation, vacation, traveling – so many people in our society look forward to that wonderful time of year when relaxing in a new place away from home is what it is all about. Discovering new people, places and culinary specialties is what most of us really enjoy for recharging and taking a time-out from the daily routine at home.

For those who use a wheelchair or other mobility aid or parents who are traveling with a small child in a stroller, planning a vacation means that many questions need to be answered beforehand: Which hotel or vacation rental is accessible? Where can I go shopping for groceries with my wheelchair? Which tourist sites are accessible without steps?

MapMyDay 2016 for more Mobility on Vacation

World Tourism Day on September 27, 2016 is a great occasion for raising awareness among tour operators, tourism agencies and the general public and for letting them know that these questions must be answered for people with mobility restrictions – with more accessible options and easy to find information.

That is why we are calling on everyone to join in and mark places in their neighborhood on Wheelmap. Which tourism sites, excursions, museums, cinemas, restaurants, shops etc. in your city or region are completely accessible with a wheelchair, which only partially and which ones not at all? Every new entry on Wheelmap helps to make planning a vacation independently easier and more carefree.

Continuing MapMyDay 2015

With this widespread mapping event we want to build on the success of the last MapMyDay in December 2015, when enthusiastic mappers worldwide marked 20,000 new places and 4,000 toilets on their wheelchair accessibility.

The MapMyDay 2015 Story

Everyone can join in again!

September 27, World Tourism Day, is the kickoff for MapMyDay 2016! We hope that many people worldwide will again become part of the movement. It is really easy to take part: Download the free iOS, Android or Windows 10 app from the respective Stores and off you go!

There are materials available on the website to support you in all the aspects of mapping. Take a look and become part of the movement!

MapMyDay as a single mapper

MapMyDay as a group event

For the special occasion of the MapMyDay kick-off our supporter “Mapping for Change” organising an event in Thessaloniki has arranged for this article to be translated into Greek. Please click to download the text as a PDF file.