Test group during a usability test – three participants are sitting on a table with coffee cups in front of them, looking at the screens on their Laptops. A woman in the middle and a man on the right are wheelchair users.

Help us to make Wheelmap better!

This page is written in simple language.

Dear Wheelmap user,

We are the team of Wheelmap.org.
We run the Wheelmap and other internet sites.

All people should be able to use these internet pages.
We need your help for that.

You try our internet pages.
We are watching.
We are listening.

That’s how we learn how to make the internet pages better.
You can not go wrong.
This is called a usability test.

Everybody can participate.

If you want to help us, sign up.
Fill in the fields in this form.
Then we invite you.
You can then accept or decline.
You do not have to join.

We meet in an office or café in Berlin.
Or we talk over the internet.
There are special software programs for this.
They are called Skype and Google Hangout.

Thank you,
the team of Wheelmap.org