…because toilets are for everyone.

Wheelmap.org is asking everyone to get involved with the campaign “incLOOsive!” which will be taking place from November 19, World Toilet Day, to December 3, the International Day of People with Disabilities.

The situation: For people who travel with a wheelchair, walking frame or stroller or those who have special requirements concerning the use of public restrooms, getting around in public is so much easier if they can find a restroom that is suitable to their needs on the way.

We therefore want to draw attention to the importance of restrooms that are accessible for all. Together, we want to find positive examples of inclusive restrooms and shine a light on them. Everyone can take part!

Use the Wheelmap app

If you find a restroom at a public place that is “incLOOsive!” or at least wheelchair accessible according to the criteria of Wheelmap.org, you can enter this information on Wheelmap.

Using the app – this it how it works!
  • Download the (new) Wheelmap app if you haven’t installed it yet.
  • Search for public places in your area on the map and check them on site.
  • Check if there is a wheelchair accessible toilet in places that are tagged as wheelchair accessible.
  • Take a picture of the toilet room of the place and upload it in the app.

You want to do more? Download, print and prepare some “incLOOsive!” door tags and hang them on the door handles of the “incLOOsive!” restrooms.

Using the door hangers

If you find a restroom that is “incLOOsive!” in a public place, you can mark it on the outside with our door hanger so that everyone will know that it is an inclusive restroom.

Using the door hangers – this is how it works!
  1. Download, print and prepare our DIY “incLOOsive!” door hangers.
  2. Find a publicly accessible toilet (e.g. in a restaurant, in a café, etc.) that is at least accessible without step – this means that the entire way to the toilet is accessible without steps as well.
  3. Fill in the name and the address of the place in a clearly readable form and tick the checkboxes on the front in accordance to the equipment and conditions you witness.
  4. Take two photos: one of the door hanger, where you can see the filled in fields; and one of the toilet room itself, as proof of your “incLOOsive!” discovery.
  5. Send both pics to [email protected] or share them directly on Facebook or Twitter using the Hashtags #inKLOsiv! and #incLOOsive!

You wanna do more? Find the location on Wheelmap.org and enter whether the restroom and the location where the restroom is located are wheelchair accessible or not.

World Toilet Day – Nov. 19

The World Toilet Day takes place annually on November 19 and was initiated by the World Toilet Organization. The organization, which has branches in all parts of the world, wants to draw attention to the Millennium Development Goal 7c of the United Nations which strives to halve the number of people living without access to drinking water and basic sanitation worldwide. The theme of the 2018 World Toilet Day is “When Nature Calls”.

International Day of People with Disabilities – Dec 3.

The International Day of People with Disabilities is held annually on December 3 to commemorate the right to dignity and self-determination of people with disabilities. On this day, organizations worldwide address the concerns of the people affected in the form of campaigns and events. Millions of people worldwide use a wheelchair or a walking aid. Steps and a lack of wheelchair-accessible toilets are everyday barriers that restrict their freedom to live an active and self-determined life.

The Wheelmap

Wheelmap.org is an online map for wheelchair accessible places. It is based on the OpenStreetMap. The Wheelmap is available in a browser version and as a free app for iPhones and Android smartphones.  Everyone can join in and get involved by evaluating the accessibility of places and restrooms. The Wheelmap helps thousands of people around the world to find places and restrooms that are accessible to them.

“Toiletten für Alle” (“Toilets for All”)

In a “Toilet for All” there is a plank bed and a person lift for people with severe disabilities, enabling them to use the restroom. The “Leben pur” foundation is committed to creating more “Toilets for All” by reconstructing restrooms in Germany, restrooms that are stepless, large and spacious. The “Toilets for All” in Germany appear on Wheelmap.org. The “Stiftung Leben pur” also provides a regularly updated list with an overview of all the restrooms that fit their criteria.

Write us!

Do you have further questions about “incLOOsive!” Do you want to let us know about your ideas and feedback? Leave us a message!