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Win the attention of the local press and make the media publish about accessibility and your activities as an ambassador.

In addition to the necessity of calling attention to specific events, there is also a great need for raising awareness for general topics around accessibility and inclusion in the media and society. As a Wheelmap ambassador, for example, you can be very effective in this regard. Establishing personal contact with local journalists is very helpful.

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Effective publicity for your event

There are different types of media which offer different ways of getting the word out about your event and the topics relevant to it.

Background info and facts about

When communicating with the media it is important that you are well informed about Wheelmap, its background and current facts and figures, as well as about the state of accessibility in your city or region.

  • Take a look at the page Wheelmap Background and Facts.
  • You can find information on the use und functionality of Wheelmap in the FAQ.
  • Take a look at the News on regularly, to see what is happening.
  • Follow  on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the latest news on what is happening in the German and international community.

Social Media

You can inform the people in your network about Wheelmap quickly and easily on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc. Here are a few ideas for what to post:

  • Post a link to and write something about…
    … Wheelmap and what it is good for.
    … why accessibility is important.
    … why you are active as a Wheelmap Ambassador.
    … etc.
    Insert into your post.
  • Post a screenshot of your city on Wheelmap and…
    … note how many grey places there still are on Wheelmap.
    … explain that everybody can take part in Wheelmap.
    … call upon your friends to help out and mark grey places.
    … announce that you are organizing a mapping event which everyone can take part in.
    … usw.
    Insert the link or into the text of your post
  • Post photos of…
    … a step and write about this being a common barrier for wheelchair users.
    … a ramp, a ground-level entrance or another good solution which enables access for wheelchair users.
    … of yourself as you are marking places on the Wheelmap app.
    … of your mapping event, showing the group marking places with the Wheelmap app.
    … etc.
    Insert the link or into the text of the post.

Local press and newspapers 

The best way to get the press involved is to write a short press release and to send it to the editorial board or journalists and reporters in advance of a planned event. In this way the media is informed, journalists can write something announcing the event and they can come to your event to take pictures and to write an article.

We suggest using the following strategy:

  • Call the newspaper, television or radio program and ask for the direct contact details (telephone number and email address) of the editior or journalist responsible for topics regarding accessibility and/or civic involvement.
  • Write a short press release about your event and send it to the journalist 5-7 days before the event. We recommend sending the email on Tuesday or Wednesday between 11 am and 4 pm.

Writing a press release 

A good press release should contain the following information:

  • An informative title
  • Intro text: Summarizes the most important information in two or three sentences
  • Content Part I: Describes in detail WHAT is happening, WHERE it is happening, WHEN it is happening, WHY it is happening and focusses on the specific local context.
  • Quote: Expresses the personal opinion of the event’s organizier as to the reasons for and goals of the event.
  • Content Part II: Embeds the event in the larger context. Here: state of accessibility, general information about
  • Contact information: Include your phone number and email so journalists can reach you.


  • You can use the template for a “MapMyDay” press release as an example and change it according to your needs.
  • There are more suggestions and examples for useful press material on the “MapMyDay” campaign page.
  • You can find high quality photos with on subjects “people with disabilities”, “barriers” and “inclusion” at Please tell journalists about this photo database where they can find many good photos that do not show stereotypical images of people with disabilities. The photo are free of cost for editorial use.