Billa has tagged their supermarkets, which are spread all over Austria, on 96 percent of the markets are fully accessible for wheelchair users. In launching the program “Billa without barriers”, the company has made accessibility a high priority. 

Four images of a stepless Billa supermarket in Vienna that are shown in the detailed view on There is a guiding strip on the floor and an empty wheelchair in the background.

The Austrian supermarket chain Billa has tagged 1000 of its affiliates on with a green light for wheelchair users. All together, 96 percent of Billa stores have a stepless entry.

Recently, Billa started their program “Billa without barriers” which focuses on furthering the progress towards the goal of accessibility. One supermarket in Vienna serves as a showcase for newly installed constructional and technological changes. One such innovation is a produce scale which is adaptable in height. The intention is to demonstrate what accessibility measures in supermarkets could look like – and to collect feedback from customers with a disability as to how these features change the quality of their shopping experience.

“We will continue considering measures for accessibility as an important requirement in our facilities – both for newly built ones and for buildings subject to renovation – even if monument preservation in the urban areas presents a challenge in achieving this aim from time to time”, Billa declares in a press release on their accessibility program.

We’re happy that the company takes its responsibility for accessibility seriously – for the benefit of all their customers who use a wheelchair.