Report Elevators

Photo of a woman in a wheelchair, accompanied by a man, leaving an elevator at the suburban railroad.

It’s really annoying when elevators break down. That’s why you can find out on whether or not elevators and escalators are currently out of service. Over 3000 elevators and escalators are already listed, but we want more! Join us and report the locations of more elevators now!

Elevator Info for

Shopping malls, educational institutions, offices, government agencies, theaters, museums, etc. are often multi-story buildings that feature elevators. The aim is for those to be displayed on with information about whether they are currently in use or not.

Report the Location of an Elevator! 

Are you missing an elevator that you use a lot in your daily life and would like to see on Join the Elevator Check and report it here. We will do our best to add it to the map and thus ensure for you to be able to plan your routes perfectly!

For now the reporting form is only available in German. Contact [email protected] if you want to report an elevator. 

We need to know: 

  • Address of the location of the elevator 
  • Postcode and location 
  • Who is the operator of the elevator?
  • Which manufacturer is the elevator from?