Many public places are not accessible for wheelchairs because 1 or 2 steps at the entrance present an insurmountable barrier. In this situation mobile ramps can be a good, inexpensive and simple solution.  

There are various suppliers of different kinds of mobile ramps. One is Wheelramp, a lightweight, foldable aluminium ramp for wheelchairs and baby strollers which is available in two lengths (1.2 m and 1.5 m). With it, heights of 25cm and 30cm can be bridged. The ramp is suitable for temporary or permanent installation. It is lightweight, has a handle for transport and a ribbed surface for a better grip. If you would like to order a Wheelramp please send us an email to: Each purchase of a Wheelramp directly supports the projects of Sozialhelden e.V. 

Many store and café owners are not aware of this easy and inexpensive solution. As a Wheelmap Ambassador you can contribute directly and effectively to improving the accessibility of your city or town by promoting ramps to places that are not yet wheelchair accessible.