Using a so-called widget the Wheelmap with all its contents can be incorporated directly into other website. The widget allows a segment of the Wheelmap to be shown that is especially interesting to the visitors of that website.

So, for instance, a city website use the Wheelmap to show the downtown area. In this way visitors to the website can immediately see which places in the area are wheelchair accessible, without having to leave the website.

You can help make Wheelmap better known and raise awareness for accessibility issues by convincing city administrations, organizations, businesses and others to embed the Wheelmap widget on their website.

And this is how the widget works

  1. Go to:
  2. Register a new account or log in, if you already have a Wheelmap user account.
  3. When you are logged in, go to your profile (button at the top) and click on the widget button. Or go to There you have access to the widget function, which makes it possible to create an individual widget. You can choose the zoom level and the map segment as you wish.
  4. Copy the <embed code> and have the website administrator incorporate it into the website.


Example of the interactive widget:



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