Besides collecting data on wheelchair accessible places a big part of the work on Wheelmap is done in the background: Our team of IT developers is constantly busy monitoring, maintaining and improving the application. They make the technical infrastructure, servers, the database and the thousands of lines of code running smoothly each day.

You can support Wheelmap by contributing your IT and coding skills. Wheelmap code is open source and available on Github, a management tool for IT developers.

Support Wheelmap on Github

IT skills you need for backend coding

  • Linux System Administration
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Vagrant, Virtual Box / VMWare Fusion (Virtual Machines)
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL

Getting started

When going through the list of Github especially pay attention to those issues labeled with the tags easy and mentored. In cases where you create your own issues, please label them with the tags help or contribution. Like this, your work can easily be spotted by the developers.

How to contact us

Do you have a technical question or comment concerning the details of certain issues or task? Please write:

Do you have a general support request or want to send a bug report? Please use: