Author: Silke Georgi

Become a Wheelmap Ambassador

Would you like to become active for improving accessibility? Then become a Wheelmap Ambassador! Here you can find some suggestions on what you can do as an Ambassador. But of course, if you have your own ideas about how you can get involved, we look forward to hearing them.  Just get in touch with us!    Organize a Mapping Event Organize a Wheelmap mapping event in your city or town and mark public places together with others.  Create publicity Draw the attention of the local press to accessibility issues and inform them about your activities as an...

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Lonely Planet’s Accessible Travel Information

The world leader in travel guides, Lonely Planet, has put out a guide of online resources from around the world that provide travel information for people with disabilities. Travelers who are deaf or hard of hearing, vision impaired or who use a wheelchair will find the guide useful for planning their next trip, be it to destinations near or far. This resource is a work in progress and its makers are asking for input from everyone who knows of other online resources that should be included. In return, the guide can be downloaded free of charge by anyone. Read...

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Students in Vienna discover Wheelmap

A group of 40 enthusiastic Viennese students between the ages of 14 and 19 made some important discoveries about themselves and the accessibility of their city during a Wheelmap mapping event organized by the Center for Social Innovation. The students especially liked the fact that the event was “something practical” to do and that they were asked to give feedback about their own experience with using the Wheelmap app. Read more:...

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