Wheelmap.org turns 10! We are celebrating this occasion in our community on our social media channels and with a special mapping campaign. Everyone can participate and rate places – celebrate with us and give Wheelmap the gift of your insider’s knowledge about accessibility!

Since September 2010 the online map for wheelchair-accessible places has been available on the Internet, and since 2013 it has also been available as a free app for iOS and for Android smartphones. 

The idea came to Raul Krauthausen, founder of the German NGO Sozialhelden, and arose from a typical situation in everyday life: For a wheelchair user, a step at the entrance is a common barrier, especially in cafés and restaurants in the old buildings of the Berlin district Kreuzberg.

Wheelmap – from an idea to community-driven success

The idea to make stepless places and their wheelchair accessibility visible turned into the project Wheelmap.org, a practical tool that shows people using a wheelchair, walking frame or stroller where they can enter without problems. 

The simple traffic light system and the “crowdsourcing” approach, i.e. the help of many users from the community, has stood the test of time: Thousands of people have rated more than 1 million places around the world – a huge success!

Raul Krauthausen presents the first Version of Wheelmap. Quelle: NTV/ DPA

Campaign: Rate 10 places on Wheelmap.org

We are celebrating this anniversary with a small campaign during the month of September. Via the social media networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the Wheelmap.org team looks back on the most important milestones using the hashtag #WheelmapTurns10

There is also a small mapping campaign in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Wheelmap, to be found at www.wheelmap.org/events. We are calling for  10 places to celebrate 10 years: Everyone who wants to give a birthday present to Wheelmap can do so by rating 10 places whose  wheelchair accessibility is still unknown, i.e. are still grey, on Wheelmap.org.

Your gift to Wheelmap.org

Click here for the anniversary mapping event on Wheelmap.org; start right away and give the Wheelmap the gift of ratings, photos and toilet information!

Graphics: Adina Hermann / Photo: Screenshot NTV/ DPA 2011