Project Skill: Communication

Creating publicity for an event

In order to generate publicity for your activities as an Ambassador (e.g. when you organize a mapping event) and to make Wheelmap better known, we recommend you inform the public and the local media about your upcoming activities.  But in addition to the necessity of calling attention to specific events, there is also a great need for raising awareness for general topics around accessibility and inclusion in the media and society. As a Wheelmap Ambassador you can get involved very effectively here. Establishing a personal contact to local journalists is very helpful in this.  Effective publicity for your event There are different types of media which offer different ways of getting the word out about your event and the topics relevant to it.  Background info and facts about When communicating with the media it is important that you are well informed about Wheelmap, its background and current facts and figures, as well as about the state of accessibility in your city or region. Take a look at the page Wheelmap Background and Facts. You can find information on the use und functionality of Wheelmap in the FAQ. Take a look at the News on regularly, to see what is happening. Follow  and MapMyDay on Facebook and/or and MapMyDay on Twitter and get the latest news on what is happening in the German and international community. Social Media You can inform the people...

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Promote the Wheelmap Widget

Using a so-called widget the Wheelmap with all its contents can be incorporated directly into other website. The widget allows a segment of the Wheelmap to be shown that is especially interesting to the visitors of that website.

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Promote Mobile Ramps

The Wheelramp is the portable ramp of the Sozialhelden UG (haftungsbeschränkt). It guarantees easy access to a place for persons in a wheelchair.

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